We are very pleased to be able to update Sponsor's pages of advertising, right up to (the date of this particular Insert. We are also using this opportunity to update readers generally, and to publish a few amendments to the text, together with a very short Questionnaire, which we hope you will find time to answer when you have read the CISPAP. Feedback is very important to us, partly because there has never been an Illustrated Standard like this one before, and partly because we are interested in doing more Ill. Standards, in different forms. It is, therefore, very useful to know what people think is most, and least, helpful, about this book, as well as general suggestions and criticisms. If you prefer, you can just put your comments in the Guestbook on our Website. Otherwise perhaps you would send your Questionnaire back to Mike or Deirdre.


Sponsors' advertising pages are not numbered. This is because so many of them are "bleed" pages, (i.e. there are no white margins,) which traditionally are never numbered because no allowance can be made for pagination. However, there are only 29 of these, and the table of Contents indicates where advertising pages start and finish. We do not think that anyone is likely to get lost!

The feature, "Sponsors' Choice" begins not on page 164, as described in the Contents, but on page 165. Because of the way in which this book was bound, the table of Contents had to be assembled and printed long before the final sections, and it was necessary to make this small change to the order of the pages after Contents had gone to print.

For some reason we still cannot quite fathom, the name of Barbara Stahl's Phalene, Starblaze Corvette, has become corrupted as Starlazle Corrie. One answer could be that there really are malevolent little black and white Papillons who go around chewing up the letters before they go to print...another is that a written correction to the proof was misinterpreted. Either way, we apologise to Barbara for the error.

On page 94, Diane Mooney's indomitable Omaonaig Polar Sun, whom we last saw in Veteran at the NE Pap Club Ch Show on the very day of our Book Launch, has acquired "Phalene" in the middle of his name. We know how this one happened: the result of not clearing the word from the margins of the page, (where it lives to remind us of the need to find the word's grave accent before PDFing the document), and as a result it became embedded in the type. Polar Sun appears again on page 96, where we succeeded in getting his name right.

We did not know who the puppy was on page 45, (F10A), but we do now, and she Serenglade Faith In Future, bred by Linda Greenslade.
To our eternal shame, an "except" has been printed as "accept", and we are too embarrassed to indicate the exact page! Suffice it to say we do know the difference, and we are mortified.

We can only find two errors concerning people's names, and apologise profusely for both. On page 45 F12A, Ringlands I'm A One, is owned by Gill Purchase and NOT Jill Osborne. On page123 the three Murvagh Papillons, V33, are of course owned by Miss M. Wigan and NOT Miss M. Wilson
Apologies to Ch. Gleniren Scarlet Monogram and to Irene and Glen Robb, because we missed his title off his photo on page 18, (B18), though managed to remember it for his juvenile appearance on page 123.

Mike's Introduction was written and printed before the end sections, so he could only make a conservative estimate of the number of photos and drawings the CISPAP contains in fact, it is 560 drawings and 550 photos (excluding the photos in the advertising section.).


Tussalud  Mrs K. Stewart' and Ms K. Stewart-Knight's Tussalud Cruella-de-Ville won her second cc and BOB at Midland Counties Ch Show, on 28th October 2005.

Gleniren  Gleniren have finished 2005 as Top Breeder, Top Brood Bitch, Top Sire/Stud, Top Papillon and Top Puppy

Austrene/"Maxine"'s Tribute Page  "Maxine" came out of retirement on Saturday 5th November, to win Best Veteran, then Best In Show, at an Al Breeds Open show in Ireland.

Serenglade  Linda would like it to be known that in the process of selecting her photos for the "Phalene pageant" she misnamed one of her own photos. Serenglade Soul Keeper is in fact Serenglade Psalm Keeper.

Queen Bless  Multi Ch. Queen Bless JP Red Ideal gained his UK title at the NE Papillon Club Ch Show, on the very day this Book was launched. He is now owned by Mr. and Mrs Banfield.

Mike Foster , Ferndale,  Silver St., Barrow upon Humber, North Lincolnshire DN19 7DL 01469 530 760 email:

Deirdre Ashdown, email:


Did the CISPAP look, and read, as you expected it to? If not, what were you expecting? Do you think we did enough to publicise this book and to explain what it was going to be like?

What aspects of the CISPAP did you like most, and/or find most helpful?

What aspects of the CISPAP did you dislike, or find unhelpful?

What would you have liked to see/read about in the CISPAP that we did not cover, or that you think we did not pay sufficient attention to?

Would you recommend the CISPAP? if so, whom to, and why?:

Would you like to see the CISPAP (or portions of it) reproduced in a smaller, shorter, portable form? If you have any ideas for adapting the contents of the CISPAP in any way, please tell us.

Thank you very much for your assistance


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