2005 Ms D E Ashdown
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The template shows a red sable/white Papillon with feet of various shapes and sizes, with and without tufts extending to accentuate the hare foot appearance which are either a requirement or which are preferred in all four standards.


A shows correct hare feet without tufts. In B the tufted version, the tufts serve to complement the appearance of the feet.



C shows the same dog with heavy bone and big oval feet. D is the same as C with tufts, which make the feet seem even bigger but which also confuse the shape - at a casual glance, they could look like hare feet.



In E the dog is given much finer bone, but neat little cat feet, well displayed because there are no tufts. In F he has fully furnished tufts to his cat feet, again confusing the shape of the foot to the casual eye.



G and H are as E and F but with heavier bone and the feet are bigger.



The dog in I has large, flat, splayed feet. Finally in J the "Duster" Some Papillons and Phalenes have extremely heavy leg and feet furnishings, this is how they look when they are not trimmed.