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Deirdre Ashdown is a graphic artist who has specialised in drawing dogs for over 40 years. Based in Hungary since 2009 her preferred medium for many years was Indian and coloured inks, although over the past 10 years she has been working mainly in ink and watercolour pencils, and she has always done a small amount of watercolour painting.

Since 1999, in conjunction with Mike Foster, much of Deirdre’s time has been taken up with illustrating and editing the four limited edition dog books she and Mike produced together – the Millennium Book of the Papillon, the Millennium Book of the King Charles Spaniel, the Millennium Book of the Pekingese and the CISPAP (Complete Illustrated Standard for the Papillon and Phalene). There are less than 25 copies of the CISPAP left and they are available, new, only from Deirdre.

In May 2018 Deirdre published her first book since the CISPAP, a book of mainly cartoon Papillon and Phalene drawings entitled "The Hidden Lives of Papillons and Phalenes", with an Introduction by Mike Foster. This Limited Edition book has its own section. It is the first book Deirdre and Mike have been able to work on together since the CISPAP in 2005

In the past Deirdre has produced a select number of limited edition litho dog prints, and a few of these are still available. Some of her commissioned art work can be seen on this website, and prints. Deirdre has always undertaken art work for Breed Clubs and Rescue Welfare organisations free of charge, excepting technical work for seminar booklets, illustrated standards etc., and this will continue. She designed the United Kingdom Toy Dog Association logo, featuring every breed in the UK Toy Group, which is reproduced on the Association’s schedules, catalogues and prize cards. She has held breed-focused exhibitions of her work in the UK, USA, Sweden, Holland and Belgium; her original art work and prints have been sold all over the world.

Deirdre will undertake privately commissioned work, including portraits. Some of Deirdre's drawings are available on Cafepress, printed on bags, mugs, magnets, jewellry and many other items.